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Noxious Weed Management

By June 19, 2019 No Comments

One of the focus areas of the Kalispel Tribe Natural Resource Department’s (KNRD) Integrated Invasive Species Management Guidance is to control terrestrial noxious weeds. These non-native invaders have a tendency to outcompete and replace native vegetation.  This can hamper human uses by reducing agricultural productivity, increasing erosion, and/or pose a threat to food plants for people and wildlife.  We implement controls in several ways including the prevention of new invasive species; eradication of target species with isolated or limited populations; and containing/managing invasive species that are well-established and widespread.

Invasive weeds pose problems to the Reservation and surrounding areas.  Many weeds will out-compete native plants (such as camas or service berry) that are culturally important plants.  They also strip the soil of its nutrients or significantly change the soil conditions in ways that deter native plant availability. These changes impair native plant reestablishment even after the weed is removed.  Many weeds are toxic or inedible to life stock or wildlife.  Weeds can have severe impacts on our lives.