TGA is made up of four departments that handle all compliance initiatives of the Kalispel Tribe.

Mission Statement: Protect the assets of the Kalispel Tribe of Indians through regulatory compliance and enforcement; to ensure the honesty and good character of the Northern Quest and Kalispel Casino employees and guests.


Licensing – Staff perform pre-employment and ongoing background screening for issuance of a license or issuance of a work permit for all tribally owned businesses. Licensing is responsible for background investigations and issuance of Kalispel Business License and any endorsements.

Internal Audit – Responsible for regulatory compliance through the performance of independent, objective audits and reviews of all activities under the Kalispel Tribe of Indians.

Agents – Tribal Gaming Agents perform regular compliance checks, investigate complaints or customer disputes, and aim to limit losses and liabilities through a combination of prevention and monitoring to preserve the integrity of the gaming floor and tribally owned businesses.

Risk Management – The Risk Management department’s responsibility is to identify, analyze, reduce, and monitor risks, emerging risk or potential exposures to the Kalispel Tribe of Indians and its businesses in order to protect tribal assets and prevent business disruption, or limit potential loss and ensure the safety of both guests and employees.


Shantel Nydegger – Executive Director 509.481.6254

Mary Miller – Tribal Gaming Agent Director 509.481.6400

Ben McDonald – Compliance & Internal Audit Director 509.481.6173

Franklin Snodgrass – Risk Director 509.481.6365


Licensing Staff and Contact Information

Brian Schmidt – Licensing Manager 509.481.4140

Nick Roberts – Senior Licensing Agent 509.481.2036

Danielle Soucy – Licensing Agent 509.481.6573

Julie Vargas – Licensing Technician 509.481.4120


Tribal Gaming Agency Contact 509.481.2222

Locations & Contact

Tribal Gaming Agency at NorthernQuest
(509) 481-2222
HOURS: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
TGA Licensing Office
Phone 509-481-4120  /  Fax 509-481-4142
LICENSING OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm Closed daily from noon -12:45 pm and all tribal holidays