The Kalispel Tribe owns and operates more than a dozen businesses and enterprises in and around the Pend Oreille area.

We believe in building a strong community and our economic development opportunites emphasize our commitment to the land and people.

Employee Spotlight

Clay Pierson

By May 4, 2022 No Comments

How long have you been employed by the Kalispel Tribe?
Approximately eight years with the Kalispel Tribe but almost two additional years with NQRC working security before I became a Police Officer.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Every single day and every hour is completely unpredictable. There is rarely any redundancy. I also enjoy bringing people to justice on behalf of the people they victimize.

What’s the best thing about Kalispel Tribe?
The Kalispel Tribe is very good about taking care of the people that they employ as well as their families. Every year I am thoroughly grateful for the gift card around Thanksgiving time and the Christmas bonus. The Tribe doesn’t have to do those things but they do and it helps a lot of families so much.

What does your workspace look like?
Typically I am primarily in a patrol vehicle for 12 hours but the workspace constantly changes from being in the Casino or one of the other many Kalispel Tribe’s properties to being outside in all the elements to in an office typing reports.

Why did you want to come work for Kalispel Tribe?
I’ve always wanted to be a cop for as long as I can remember. When I was working Security at the Casino, I noticed that an entry-level Police Officer position opened up, and my dad was already a Police Officer with the Kalispel Tribe. My dad constantly talked about how great the Kalispel Tribe is to work for so I decided to apply and I was fortunate enough to get hired.

What are your hobbies?
Most of my free time is occupied by my 8-month-old son, Wyatt, which I truly enjoy every second with him but other things I enjoy are riding my horses, taking care of all my animals (two horses, one Hereford Angus heifer, three sheep, four dogs, eleven chickens, three turkeys, and two cats) and working on my property. I also enjoy going to rodeos and practicing roping on my horse to eventually team rope or ranch rope.

What or who inspires you?
My family is who inspires me to wake up every day and do the best I can. I want to be a role model to my son so doing my best every day will hopefully cause him to follow in my footsteps and do his best as well because our children are the future and if we lead them in the right direction and to work hard, the future will be much better for it.

What are the words you live by?
Always give 100%, unless you’re giving blood

How do you define success?

I define success not only by my performance but by the performance of my team. In order for me to be considered successful, the team needs to achieve both our individual and our team goals.

What is your favorite event that Kalispel Tribe puts on?
I would say Pow wow is my favorite. Being primarily at NQRC and the areas around it, I rarely get to work on the reservation so, when I’m able to work at Pow wow, I get to see many familiar faces I haven’t seen in so long and connect with them. I also get to eat some AMAZING food!

What are five words (or less) of advice for others in your profession?