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As April unfolds, so does the solemn recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a time to stand in solidarity with survivors and advocate for a world free from sexual violence. Amidst this crucial awareness campaign, Kalispel Tribe Victim Services steps forward, extending a compassionate hand to those who have suffered the trauma of sexual assault.

In the wake of such harrowing experiences, survivors often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of medical procedures, forensic interviews, and law enforcement interactions. Kalispel Tribe Victim Services acknowledges this journey and strives to offer solace through their unique initiative – the “Solace” boxes.

Providing Comfort Amidst Turmoil

The “Solace” boxes are not just parcels of items; they symbolize a beacon of hope and restoration in the aftermath of a deeply dehumanizing event. Each box is created to offer comfort and reaffirm the humanity of survivors.

Contained within are an array of natural, eco-friendly self-care products, carefully selected to promote healing and rejuvenation. From herbal tea kits accompanied by crystals to journals adorned with wooden-based pens, every item is chosen with the intention of nurturing the mind, body, and soul.

A Gesture of Compassion

Recognizing the significance of personal care and hygiene in moments of distress, the boxes also feature facial shaving kits tailored for men or non-binary individuals. Additionally, comforting aromatherapy candles, soothing soaps, and indulgent bath bombs create an oasis of tranquility amidst turbulent times.

Beyond mere material possessions, the “Solace” boxes serve as tangible expressions of compassion and solidarity. They serve as a reminder that no survivor is alone in their journey towards healing and recovery.

Extending Support

If you, or someone you know has recently experienced sexual assault and could benefit from the comfort and reassurance offered by a “Solace” box, Kalispel Tribe Victim Assistance Services stands ready to lend support. Contact their Cusick Office at 509.447.7155 or their Airway Heights Office at 509.789.7671 to learn more about their services and how you can make a difference in the lives of survivors.

As April unfolds, let us unite in our commitment to break the silence surrounding sexual violence and create a world where every individual feels safe, respected, and empowered. Together, we can make a difference.


To learn more about the Kalispel Tribe Victim Assistance Services program, please visit: