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Why is March called k̓ʷsixʷ spq̓niʔs (The Geese’s Month) ?

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“K̓ʷsixʷ Spq̓niʔs” (The Geese’s Month), known as the spring month. This is the time that the geese are migrating back north from their vacation down south.

History/Information on what people historically did during March:

  • The people were thankful to hear the honking of the geese knowing that the chinook winds will soon melt the snow away and the green grass will begin to grow.  All the sickness the medicine men were praying and dancing for at the lodges, will melt away in the snow.
  • The old people would say at the beginning of their New Year, if the winter had been severe, that the wild geese would be coming north in nine weeks.  If the winter had been mild, in eight weeks and the old people would rarely miss it more than a day.
  • The people would usually return from their winter buffalo hunt in the early part of March.