COVID-19: Camas Path Contact Info

Contact Info

Jessica Pakootas

Camas Path Executive Director

Tammy MacArthur

Executive Assistant

Anna Armstrong

Director of Education (Closed except for processing higher ed payments)

Lisa Russell

Camas Early Learning Center (Closed)

Darlene Auld

Director of Camas Center Recreation & Fitness

Bobby Richmond

Foster Care Licensing/Childcare Licensing (Telecommuting)

Colene Rubertt

Director of KCTC & KMP (Closed but available by email and phone)

Wendy Thomas

Director of Social Services (Telecommuting)

Chuck Armstrong

Emergency Services for Tribal Members (Telecommuting and this phone line is monitored by Chuck)

Alexandra “Ali” Desautel

Healthcare Administrator (Telecommuting when not in Clinic or BH)

Camas Center Clinic

(Open to public)

Deborah Flett

Purchased and Referred Care (telecommuting and available to process PRC payments and authorizations)

Camas Path Behavioral Health

Advice Line

What is closed?
  • Kalispel Casino
  • Wetlands
  • Camas Center recreation facilities
  • Camas Center day care
  • The Camas Deli
  • All areas of Northern Quest Resort & Casino
  • Kalispel Golf and Country Club
  • Fatburger 5-mile
  • Tribal Government offices
What is staying open?
  • Camas Center Clinic
  • Kalispel Market
  • Public Safety
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Planning & Public Works
  • Kalispel Market Fuel & Convenience Stations
  • Kalispel Linen Services

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