The Kalispel Tribe owns and operates more than a dozen businesses and enterprises in and around the Pend Oreille area.

We believe in building a strong community and our economic development opportunites emphasize our commitment to the land and people.

Employee Spotlight

Jacob Avina

By October 19, 2021 No Comments

What department do you work in and what is your job title?

I work in the Marketing department, and my job title is Visual Content Creator. I get the opportunity to work with Donna and Shantel to help the Tribes North eight enterprises.

How long have you been employed by the Tribe?

I’m a couple of months shy of 2 years, I started at Northern Quest in IT and transferred when a position opened up in Marketing.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to see how multiple of the enterprises engage with the community and with each other to build each other up and do my part to continue the engagement, with a variety of designs.

What’s the best thing about Kalispel Tribe?

Since I’ve started my employment with the Tribe, I got to see how much the Tribe has grown with its enterprises and community participation. I picked up on the engrained pride that drives the Tribe pretty quickly and now I get to do my part in helping the Tribe continue its involvement.

What does your workspace look like?

I have a big whiteboard that’s covered with email templates, my corkboard with swatches of brand colors, dimensions for various social media posts drawn on my second whiteboard, and two shelves full of all the gear we get to use for our department.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Kalispel Tribe?

I got to see my progress since I’ve joined the Marketing department with the online ordering, as a project that was started before, I got here, and transitioned to me finishing the setup and making it operational.

What or who inspires you?

Everyone has diverse perspectives, I like to use movies, games, books, and especially music to further my understanding of others; in turn, I work to shed light on the varying perspectives to help people better understand each other in my designs both professional and personal, whether that be in a photo, drawing, video and so on.

Fill in the blank: I once met…

Ben Stein and got to serve him popcorn when I worked at a movie theater in high school; he didn’t see a movie or get anything else, he just wanted some fresh popcorn.

How do you define success?

Being able to take away a lesson from your failures, after all a failure is just a success in learning how something doesn’t work. As well as striving to further improve on your successes.

What is your favorite event that Kalispel Tribe puts on?

I haven’t had the chance to really experience much of the Tribes events due to working graveyard shifts for a year and then with COVID, but I am looking forward to the Pow wow.

What are five words (or less) of advice for others in your profession?

No design is fully done.

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