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Forestry Study at Indian Creek

By June 19, 2019 No Comments

The Kalispel Tribal Indian Creek property, located about 12 miles southeast of the reservation, is the site of a new study proposed by Syringa Eccological Consulting, LLC., in conjuction with the Upper Columbia United Tribes.  This purpose of the study is to investigate and compare various post harvest treatments on several ecosystem variables.  This study is also being replicated on both the Colville and Coeur d’Alene Reservations.  The goal of the study is to determine the best management practices for Tribal forest managers.

Twenty-four acres of land, in the northeast corner of the Indian Creek Community Forest, have been divided into four equally-sized sections.  These four adjoining areas will be clear-cut and then treated in different ways.  The sections will be treated either chemically, mechanically, with a prescribed burn, or with non-treatment.  Each section will then be planted with a combination of Western white pine, western larch and Ponderosa seedlings. The goal of the study is to see which of the four treatments yields the best results in terms of providing nutrient-rich soil, adequate animal habitat, healthy native plant life, and survivability of the planted seedlings.

The land used for the study is currently being harvested.  Bob Gilrein, KTI Forestry Program Manager, says the logging could be finished in a couple weeks as long as the ground stays frozen.  Early warm weather could result in a delay.  Once the logging is complete the four areas can be prepped for treatment.

Community youth are being asked to help with the replanting of the area once the treatment phase is complete.  For questions or more information please contact Bob Gilrein at or 509-445-7426.

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