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Australian Students Visit the Kalispel Reservation

By June 19, 2019 No Comments

A group of travelers from Australia visited the Kalispel Reservation on November 1 as part of the USA/Aboriginal Cultural Exchange Study Tour. The program students, who are from different regions of Australia, were here in the U.S. to help promote mutual understanding between different native populations and between the two countries.
On Wednesday morning the small group traveled by bus from NQRC to the Reservation to meet with Tribal elders at the Camas Center. The Australians gave a wood carving to the Tribe as a way of saying thank you for hosting them on this leg of their overseas trip.

When asked how they were enjoying their time in the U.S., most replied that they felt very welcome and comfortable. “It’s not that much different from Australia, except that it’s a bit cold,” said one participant.

After a tour of the Camas Center, which included fielding plenty of questions about their native land and stopping for many photo opportunities, the group hoped to see more of the Reservation before heading back to Spokane. The students had a full itinerary ahead of them prior to flying the approximately 10,000 miles back to their homes, including tours of the Spokane Reservation, the Coeur D’ Alene Casino, and attending an EWU football game.

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